July  25  (14:56)    ( 6 )

"The Devil's Harvest sounds wonderful and romantic and I can't wait to see her with Max!"

It sounds really amazing, doesn’t it? I hope the writers of this are good, this movie has potential :)


July  25  (9:57) 

"I'm very confused why Sam isn't in the trailers too she has a big role and I'd really like to see in the prosthetics"

Exactly… And she is not in ANY interview or behind the scenes video, it’s frustrating :/ I guess they just wanna keep her character a secret for a while.

I’m most excited to see The Devil’s Harvest, though.

July  24  (22:16)    ( 1 )

i don’t know why we are going after a beta when there’s an alpha on the field.

July  24  (15:37)    ( 18171 )
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"YOUR SHARPENING IS AMAZING. and i'm in love with all of your edits <3"

aw, thank you so much :D you’re one of my favorites!!

i wanna thank you everyday for your gallery, by the way ;)

July  23  (18:06) 

Don’t dwell in your failures, but also don’t get too over excited at your achievements. If you get too proud of your achievements… I just feel you get wrapped up in a world that doesn’t exist. You should maintain a balanced mind.”

July  23  (17:58)    ( 21 )