I grew up on a tiny little island where there wasn’t a lot of opportunity, but I just went for everything I could. When I was 17, I went and sang in front of Andrew Lloyd Weber because why not? You have to attack every situation with gusto and don’t overthink and overstress. A lot of people scare themselves out of stuff because they think, ‘What if this happens or what if that happens?’ I just think you have to launch yourself at it and work your ass off. Those opportunities are out there, but you have to go out and make them happen. They don’t just fly to you. If life isn’t going the way you want it to, change it! Go and do something that scares you. That’s what I like doing, things that make me go ‘Agh!’ That’s what makes me feel alive, chasing after fear in my career, pushing myself into things that scare me.”

hollywoodgal18 whispered: I love Sam's new hair color! blonde seems to fit her:)

I don’t think Sam painted her hair blonde. I think it’s just light brown as it was before, but let’s wait and see better, she’s pretty either way :)

Les Mis modern au: Jean Valjean.

Never, since his infancy, since his mother, since his sister, never had he been greeted with a friendly word or a kind regard. Through suffering on suffering he came little by little to the conviction, that life was a war; and that in that war he was the vanquished. He had no weapon but his hate.