hollywoodgal18 whispered: I love Sam and Russell's friendship and really hope they act alongside one another in a film soon!

me too! they would be awesome together again :D


@RFleeshman: ‘The Magic castle’ what a night. What a hangover.. @robcmayes @SamanthaBarks

Samantha Hill as Cosette gets a hat added on in the wings before One Day More.

@RFleeshman: A lot of cuteness for one picture..

"I happened to be at the studio when she did her costume and make-up tests, and I was struck by her confidence. You’d expect an actor or actress who had never been in front of cinematic cameras to be nervous, but she was like an old pro. She was at home, and it’s clear she loves what she does. She doesn’t have fear or failure in her make-up.”
Eric Fellner, producer of Les Misérables