I’m so un-rock ‘n’ roll it’s painful.”

hollywoodgal18 whispered: Sophia Loren is a great actress and is just simply gorgeous (even today at the age of 80 and I also like Natalie Wood, Cary Grant, and Marlon Brando

I’ve never heard of Sophia… Like I said I don’t know all that much about old Hollywood, but I’m planning on watching some Carmen Miranda’s movies in the near future :)

It was a misunderstanding.

hollywoodgal18 whispered: What other old movie stars do you like besides Audrey and Marilyn?

I don’t really know… I mean, I apreciate old movies and all, but besides Audrey I guess no one else. I’ve seen a lot of pics of Grace Kelly and I think she’s gorgeous, but I can’t say I know her work. You?


Anonymous whispered: what tags do you track?

only two: Samantha Barks and enjonine (for fics)

the rest I only see in my dash :)

hollywoodgal18 whispered: Have you seen Cinderella Man? Russell's excellent in that, it's a really beautiful and inspiring story:)

I haven’t, but I’ll put it on my list ;)